Upcoming Gigs

06.27.10 - PDX - Free Outdoor Park Party
07.04.10 - ORCAS - Blooming hearts (private event)
07.09.10 - PDX - Rollerdisco with Bluetech Phidelity Bitslap
07.23.10 - RANDALL WA, Photosynthesis 3.0 outdoor
07.31.10 - Oakland CA, Sand by the Ton
08.06.10 - BC - Shambhala
09.24.10 - Decibel Festival - Seattle


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Phidelity, a.k.a. Kris Northern lays down Portland's most twisted and bass-ridden hybrid live sets of psychedelic future funk breaks, and you would not be surprised to see a party of robots getting down on his dance floor. A master of the science of slicing and dicing, Phidelity's tech funk is loaded up with tons of real-time effects, creating an experience that uses the science of sound creation. Hailing from Portland and representing Native State Records, his dub-laced sticky bass is overlaid with plenty of clean green grit and the moving goodness of his world is imposed on all who listen and dance- robots included.

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Billing / Affiliations

Phidelity - Native State Records - Portland
Phidelity - Starborne Sound - Seattle
Phidelity - The Jaded Review - Portland

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Released Music

Squiddhartha - West Coast Tentacles

<a href="http://squiddhartha.bandcamp.com/album/west-coast-tentacles">A Beginners Guide To Encephalopod-Step by Squiddhartha</a>

Download my Free EP

<a href="http://phidelity.bandcamp.com/album/future-free-ep">Limphatic Dub by phidelity</a>

My Debut Album - Twilight Audio

<a href="http://phidelity.bandcamp.com/album/twilight-audio">Twilight in your eyes by phidelity</a>
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